My research paper topic is COVID-19. All the instructions are below and I also attach my earlier made Annotated Bibliography and Opposition Prep Paper.


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In 1000-1500 words, summarize your research so far, drawing on information from a minimum of FIVE credible sources, and discuss what other credible experts have to say about your topic and the research they have done
your sources should be books, journal articles, scientific studies, law reviews, government docs and/or newspaper or magazine articles.
You may include .gov sites that provide government-collected statistics
NO WEBISTES!!!! (except the .gov mentioned above) NO encyclopedias, general dictionaries (law dictionaries are okay if you are redefining legal terms), university websites, organization websites–you should get specific with your information at this point.
Include introductory and concluding paragraphs
Use APA in-text citations where applicable—almost every sentence in your body paragraphs should have a citation!!
Divide paragraphs based on your analysis of the information; do NOT summarize a single source per paragraph—the goal here is to start thinking about how you can use this material to set up your argument, which means using multiple sources for each point you want to make.
Include a Works Cited page at the end. Use correct APA formatting and citation form.
Use 3-6 GOOD direct quotations.
Integrate summaries, paraphrases and quotations into an organized paper (introduction, conclusion, at least 3 body paragraphs). Your lit review should be a cohesive report paper, organized by the main themes of your research so far, not simply a list of data from one source and then the next.
Since this is a report, you should not include your own opinions or argument at this point, but you can include your own analysis and synthesis of the source material, and you can use the conclusion to synthesize the source material you have found so far and discuss areas where further research is needed.
Include an abstract of your project. Remember, the abstract is a boiled-down version of your final paper, so refining it will help you stay focused and practice good writing skills.
Be sure you include a title page, abstract and reference section, and that your entire paper is in APA format.
Style and mechanics will count, so be sure to proofread!

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