Country Research Paper Pakistan


  1. History
    1. Origins of Pakistan: The Early Years
    2. Founding Fathers
    3. Describe the relationship w/U.S during and post-Cold War.
  2. The People
    1. Indicate total population and, as applicable, the breakdown of that total ethnic groups, languages religion and education.
    2. Identify cultural characteristics that will affect your day to day life
  • Government:
    1. Describe the type of government and identify the top three or four key government officials
    2. Describe government policy and attitude toward the United States
    3. Briefly describe the organization of the armed forces and comment on the influence of the armed forces on government policy
  1. Economy: Describe the major characteristics of the economy like imports and exports. Identify the currency and show its U.S dollar value.
  2. United States Presence:
    1. Identify the official U.S representation in the country
    2. Explain the importance of the country to the U.s
    3. Explain U.S policy toward and goals for the country

V             Living Overseas –Comment on the services and facilities available to that may affect someone living there.

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Country Research Paper Pakistan
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  1. Housing
  2. Shopping
  3. Transportation
  4. Medical care
  5. Education Facilities
  6. Communication facilities
  7. Start-up
  8. Sports and Recreation


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