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Your paper should be 2-3 pages (3-4 for music majors), double-spaced, with ONE INCH MARGINS.  Please use 12-point TIMES NEW ROMAN font.  Please staple your paper in the upper left-hand corner.




Your writing should be clear, correct, formal, and at the collegiate level.  No slang, please!  Do not forget to proof-read your paper before.  Do not hesitate to use the Writing Center (199 Chambers St, Room S-510) if you want assistance with your writing.  Another good resource to use is The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White (a book you should probably get anyways for future writing tasks; it is an excellent resource describing usage of the English language and proper grammar, as well as how to make your writing more concise).  Hint: Reading your paper out loud will help alert you to revisions that should be made.




What type of concert is it? Solo, chamber, ensemble, etc.

If not at BMCC, where is it taking place?

Are there any guest artists/conductors/solo performers, etc.?

Why did you choose to go to this concert?


Body – pick two contrasting pieces on the program and discuss…

How does it relate to the elements of music that we learned in class?

If the piece has multiple movements, how are they different from each other?

What characteristics do they share that makes them part of one piece?

If there is text, how does the composer match the music to the text?



How did the audience react to the performance?

Was there anything that surprised you or struck you as unusual?

Your opinion – How were your expectations different from your actual experience?



30% correct usage of musical terminology; 30% description of music;

20% grammar/usage/writing;

20% proper formatting and submission (including 5% for proposal submission)

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