Chemical Engineering Project – Numerical Methods

You will be demonstrating application of one of the numerical methods that we cover in this course to a current environmental or chemical engineering problem. You will start by identifying a suitable environmental or chemical engineering problem and an associated numerical method. This will require some careful review of the applied problems in the textbook and a search of peer-reviewed literature. Your identified problem needs to be pulled from a journal article, or other reliable source, that was published in 2010 or later.

The research report needs to contain the following sections:
1. Results of your research: description of problem, numerical method, and solution design.

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Chemical Engineering Project – Numerical Methods
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2. Description of your algorithm. This should include the relevant equations, data or other inputs/outputs, and the numerical method required.
3. References. You should have at least three references to support your problem and design. Please make sure that you use inline citations and the citations and references are consistently formatted
4. MATLAB file(s). Please include instructions for running your MATLAB program (and app if relevant).

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