Argricultural Runoff

Your summary should contain the following elements:
Introduction & Significance
There should be a statement that informs the reader what topic you’ve selected. After, you should include several statements that argue the significance of this topic. In other words, why should anyone care about this topic? Include references to improve the quality of your argument.
Supporting Data and/or Other Information
After describing the significance, you should find supporting data and information that helps to demonstrate the significance of the topic.
For example, if you’re studying a foodborne disease, including case statistics of annual infections, hospitalizations, and deaths helps to setup the cause of concern. Using this same example, you might also include discussions on treatment, symptoms, etc.
It is imperative that you cite all information that is not your own original work here (and elsewhere)
Concluding Remarks
Summarize your post in a sentence or two
Discuss future steps and what’s next?
For example, if you’re studying an endangered species, what steps can be taken to reduce negative impact to these species?

Your post must contain the following elements:

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Argricultural Runoff
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Approved topic based on your assigned general topic
At least 3 cited references in your post
2 of these references have to be a journal article or government report
A reference list containing the full reference to your cited works
A minimum of 300 words (approx. 1 double-spaced page)

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