Application of Theories CBT

Application of Theories

This section is where you will briefly introduce your paper and describe what you will be covering throughout your paper. Notice that the paper title above this section is not in bold. In this paper, you will relate your experiences of applying Behavior and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to yourself. Specifically, you will design, implement, and evaluate your self-change program. Always be sure to use theory specific language, support your points with scholarly sources, and address each area below. This section need not be more than a paragraph or two. The body of this paper should be 4-6 pages in length. In other words, the cover page and the reference pages do not count toward this total. You will need to remove all of this and all other instructional text before submitting your paper.

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Application of Theories CBT
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Specific Targeted Behavior(s)

In this paragraph, describe what specific behavior(s) were targeted. You might also discuss your rationale for choosing the behavior(s). Even here, supporting the rationale with scholarly support is a great way to enhance your content.


In this paragraph, describe what your goals were. Generally, you will want to set your goals using SMART: Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound (Haughey, 2014). How successful were you at this? How does this relate to working with future clients?

Action Steps

In this paragraph, describe what specific actions you took to help you reach your goal. What stumbling blocks (if any) did you encounter to actualizing these steps? What actions did you take to overcome the stumbling blocks?

Monitoring Progress

In this paragraph, describe what self-monitoring devices you used to record of your progress. How did this work for you?


In this paragraph, describe what reinforcements (self-rewards) you used as a way of carrying out your plan. Was this helpful or detrimental? What went through your mind when you used this? How did your emotions follow suit or not?

Plan Analysis and Revisions

In this paragraph, describe how well your plan for change worked. What revisions do you believe are necessary for your plan to work more effectively?

Self -Belief Analysis and Responses

In this paragraph, describe what you noticed about your beliefs about yourself during this process? How did you respond to the beliefs that emerged?

Theory Facilitation of Development and Wellness

In this paragraph, describe how Behavior and Cognitive Behavior Therapy might facilitate optimal development and wellness over the life span. Be sure to cite and reference your sources.

Modifications for Diverse Populations

In this paragraph, describe what modifications might need to occur to make these techniques appropriate for diverse populations. You might offer specific strategies as well as a general discussion. Be sure to support suggestions with scholarly evidence.

Self-reflection and Conclusion

Each scholarly paper needs a conclusion to wrap up your thoughts and bring closure to the paper. What did you learn about yourself during this process? How will you use this to inform your counseling practice and ongoing wellness?


(Always insert a page break here. This will keep the reference page where it belongs.)

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Corey, G. (2013). Chapter 9: Behavior therapy [PowerPoint slides]. Brooks/Cole.

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Haughey, D. (2014). Smart goals.

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