Analyze a data set, use three variables to I.D. two research questions

1. Devise two research questions based on the variables in the Student Data Table .
2. Identify the variables to be utilized. One should be categorical (which may be created
from a continuous variable, i.e., variable months enrolled at TESU; Categories: less than
one year and one or more years) and two should be continuous variables.
3. Use descriptive statistics to describe the variables both numerically and graphically.
4. Devise hypotheses for both research questions.
5. Identify the appropriate statistical tests using alpha=0.05.
6. Perform the statistical tests.
7. Write up the results.
Variables in the dataset:
● TESU school in which you are enrolled
○ Arts and Sciences
○ Applied Science and Technology
○ Business and Management
○ Nursing
○ Public Service
● Months enrolled at TESU
○ Number from 0 to 48 (if over 48, enter 49)
● Birthday month
● Average distance to your place of work (in whole miles)
● Height (in whole inches)
● Foot size (in whole inches)
● Hand size (measured from base of palm to longest finger; in whole inches)
● Typical amount of sleep per night (in minutes)
● Typical amount of time doing homework per day for classes at TESU (in minutes)
Your paper should be a minimum of 5 pages (1250 words).

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Analyze a data set, use three variables to I.D. two research questions
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