Analysis and Commentary Essay and Online submission date

Choose one these books or one of your choosing

Diangelo, R. (2018). White fragility: Why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism. Boston: Beacon Press.

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Analysis and Commentary Essay and Online submission date
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Kendi, I.X. (2019. How to be antiracist. New York: One World.

Write an Analysis and Commentaryessay. This paper must be formatted with one-inch margins, double-spaced, (You can make the margins narrower if you write more content or you may use single spacing; however, it must be no more than three page), Times New Roman 12-point font. This paper must cite a minimum of nine (9) quotations in APA formatting. In 1500 words the equivalent of a three-page paper. Please see the example of this assignment below.

Analysis and Commentaryessay. In writing your essay you may find it helpful to keep in mind addressing these questions:

What did you learn from the book?
What is your reaction to the author’s theme?
How does the theme of this book influence your practice of enacting an antiracist attitude and behavior in your future interactions with clients and the public in general?

Format your Cover page to your essay following the example below. Begin your essay with an introduction, where you outline your essay’s intent at the top of the first page no more than half a pare. Then write in the main bodywith your responses to three questions in a question by question format or in an abstract format answering in a narrative format. Write your statements and supporting each response with a brief quotation citation of the author’s words following an APA formatting structure (see the APA handout). Then write your Reference page noting the author, book title and its publication information (see example below).

Follow this three-part outline in writing this assignment:

Cover page: Top of the page followed by

Introduction (top of first page: 3 – 4 short sentences no more)

Your Analysis and Commentarysupported by at least 9 citationfrom the text.

Note: Quotations must be formatted in 7thEd. APA Style. (3 pages)

Reference:Documents your book author, title, and publication information.


Grading scale:

Cover page 1 point= exact format as depicted in sample paper below.

1500 hundred word count 5 points= In lieu of page count we will use a word count.

Analysis & Commentary (A&C)

Coherence and writing mechanics 5 points= A&C logic of theme, grammar, English usage

At least (9) quotations citations 9 points= Cite quotes support essay statement

*Critical Thinking 5 points= Depth of your analysis of the authors’ thinking.

APA Citation 5 points= Consist with APA handout delineations

Total points 30 points

*Critical Thinking is evaluated on the depth and quality of your thinking about the meaning and long-term ramifications today on the populations the author addressed in their writing.

Students please note the grading scale and write you paper accordingly.

The following pages give you an example of how this final assignment can be written. Note the Cover page format is adjusted for our online submission (this page typically would be a separate page).

Note:You may write this paper in the first or third person or a mix, as this below has.

Paper requirements: One-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point Font, double spaced.

In line of the submitting a 3-4 page online a1500-word count is requiredtomeet the equivalent. Read the following example with an eye on how to write your final assignment.

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