Analyses competitive threats faced and the strategic responses adopted

Provide examples from the hospitality industry to illustrate your points. Must include the recommendations for the hospitality businesses to respond to strategic challenges they face. It is important that your research focus on the current and emerging developments in the strategic environment of the hospitality industry.

Demonstrate systematic understanding of key aspects of strategic management and related theories. You MUST review and discuss strategic environment of the hospitality industry and key developments. Understanding of the way in which key developments in the strategic environment relate to strategic responses adopted by the hospitality businesses is very important. Ability to appreciate uncertain or contradictory data/theory and use informed judgements in applying them where relevant.

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Analyses competitive threats faced and the strategic responses adopted
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An ability to identify relevant information and data related to strategic management of the hospitality business and analyse the information with a view to developing fully justified conclusions and recommendations for strategic response. Evidence of reading widely on relevant strategic management theories and current developments in the hospitality industry in trade publications for an informed and critical discussion.

Critically evaluate relevant information on current issues in the hospitality industry and academic reading and apply them to the context effectively. Develop well-justified analysis, relevant examples and innovative and effective recommendations.
Ability to relate theory to professional practice. Articulate knowledge of the strategic management and hospitality industry and apply theories to the context effectively.

Sources used are all acknowledged in the text and reference list/bibliography, using correct academic citation – including online sources. Referencing is consistent throughout. Follows a professional approach to academic practice. Reference list is outstanding in its breadth and depth and all sources are primary sources.

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