Abstract Assignment

Abstract Assignment

You will read a paper written by an actual Research Methods and Design II student from a prior semester. This paper includes two studies the student conducted, with Study One introducing the main variables and Study Two offering an extension with replication of Study One. Your job is to read the whole paper and then complete your assignment in a word document, and submit it (attach the word document) to Canvas by the due date.

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Abstract Assignment
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The assignment you should include:

Title page (1 point)
Part One: you will answer 9 questions about the studies (2 points for each question, or 18 points total)
Part Two: write an abstract for the paper (14 points)
Writing Quality (6 points)
Assignment Instructions, Checklist, Rubric & Sample Paper:

Methods II Preview Assignment InstructionsPreview the document

Abstract Assignment ChecklistPreview the document

Abstract Assignment Grading RubricPreview the document

Methods II Preview Assignment Example PaperPreview the document

For this assignment, read the paper below:

Facebook Consensus and ForewarningPreview the document

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