Women & Politics Article Reflection Assignments

Women & Politics Article Reflection Assignments


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Women & Politics Article Reflection Assignments
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Directions: Write a 3-5-page paper reflecting on the class readings. Each paper is to be guided by the questions below. In your reflection, you are required to utilize at least four sources to inform your position in the paper. This assignment should be written in a formal tone, which means no use of first-person language and contractions. Additionally, you are required to provide a title page, endnotes (both are not included in the page count), and follow the rules of essay writing (intro, body, conclusion) for your paper. The grading rubric is included on the second page.

Topic:How has popular culture depicted black women in the media, and how is this problematic? How has the tradition of respectability politics complicated the image and political activism of black women? How is self-care and act of political resistance for black women?

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