This is “loosely” based off of the Case 11-1 and 11-2 project. Pick a real case, there are several (at least) currently in the news. Just do an Internet search on “social media investigation” or “email investigation.” You are assigned as an examiner on the case. What would you need to do? How would you proceed? What should you do first? Write a two page (double-spaced) report describing the above and anything else you would like to include that is relevant to a forensic investigation.

Please DO NOT complete case 11- and 11-2 it is just an example and base for assignment.

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Case Project 11-1 You get a call from a high school student named Marco who claims he just received a Facebook message from another student who was threatening to commit suicide. Marco isn’t sure where the student was when he sent the message. Write a brief report explaining how you should proceed, including what you should do first in this situation.

Case Project 11-2 A mother calls you to report that her 15-year-old daughter has run away from home. She has access to her daughter’s e-mail account and says her daughter has e-mails in her inbox suggesting she has run away to be with a 35-year-old woman. Her daughter has also made related posts on Snapchat. Write a brief report explaining how you should proceed.

2 full pages.

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