Rhetorical analysis

Assignment: For your first paper, write a rhetorical analysis of a published article. When analyzing an
argument’s rhetorical features, you want to discuss how well its components work to reach an
audience. Such components that you want consider include these:
▪ use of the 3 appeals (pathos, ethos, logos)
▪ choices of language/writing style and tone (author’s apparent attitude toward the subject)
▪ organization
▪ validity/clarity of thesis
▪ adequate support: hard evidence, expert testimony, credible sources, sound reasoning
▪ terminology defined
Follow this Organization for a Rhetorical Analysis
I. Introduction
A. Establish the work and its author
B. Establish the thesis of the article
C. Present your thesis: 1 sentence that states the
overall success of the article’s/speech’s argument
II. Summary Paragraph
A. Present the main point of the article or speech.
B. Present the main supportive points of the article
or speech.
III. Analysis Paragraph 1
A. TS: State your first analysis point.
B. Support your point with evidence from the article
or speech.
C. SS: Conclude your point.
IV. Analysis Paragraph 2
A,B,C: Repeat above structure with second analysis point
V. Analysis Paragraph 3
A,B,C: Repeat above structure with second analysis point
VI. Concluding Paragraph
A. Reword your thesis.
B. Summarize your main points.
C. Leave on a thoughtful note.

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