Quadratic Transformations

Algebra 2   2020-2021

Module 3:  Quadratic Equations

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Quadratic Transformations
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Lesson 3: Quadratic Transformations


Essential Questions:

●        Why does the degree of an equation reveal the number of solutions to the equation?

●        To what extent are the solutions to quadratic equations real?

●        How are the real solutions of a quadratic function related to the graph of that quadratic function?


Students will be able to:

●        Describe the transformation of a quadratic function given an equation or a graph.

●        Write the equation of a quadratic function given a verbal description of the shift from the parent function.



For a function that models a relationship between two quantities, interpret key features of graphs and tables in terms of the quantities, and sketch graphs showing key features given a verbal description of the relationship.


●        Announcements

●        Desmos Activities

●        Homework








Need a calculator?


Announcements: Please fill out the video consent form if you didn’t already! You will get a 100% classwork grade for completing it.


We don’t have school on Wednesday because of Veterans Day


The last day we will accept work for this marking period is Friday, 11/13.




Lesson 1

●       Parabola

●       Vertex:

●       Concave Up

●       Concave Down

●       Axis of Symmetry

Lesson 2/ Lesson 3

●       Transformation

●       Translation

●       Stretch/Compress

●       Reflection

Desmos Activity: Please note that desmos activities work best on a computer. This one will work on a tablet as well.


Activity 1:

Click on the link below to go to the “Exploring Quadratic Transformations” desmos activity. We will finish it in class today.




Activity 2:

If you finish our first desmos activity, click on the link below to go to the “Quadratic Transformations” desmos activity. We will finish it in class the next time we meet.





●       Finish the first desmos activity if you haven’t yet.

●       Answer the following questions.


1.      Predict how each function will change from the parent function y=x2. Write a short sentence describing the transformation.

(a)   y=2x2– 6




(b)   y= -0.5x2+8




       2. Write an equation based on each description of the transformation from the parent function, y=x2.

(a)   The graph of y=x2 is stretched vertically by a factor of 8, and shifted up 4 units.




(b)   The graph of y=x2 is compressed vertically by a factor of ⅕, and shifted left 2 units.




      3. Write a quadratic equation as best you can from the given graph and based on what you know about transformations.









Don’t forget to turn it in!

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