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1). What is important to do when you lift the ball up every time you go to attempt a serve? Why would you want to be consistent with the toss of the ball?


2). What is the hitting hand expected to do when the ball is being tossed to serve? Why do you think the coach did not want his players to have a spin to the ball while they were serving?


3). What does the coach have his players do to have a consistent lift to their serve? What is the reason for this?


PART 2. Article on How to teach the overhand serve to volleyball beginners …


1). Based on reading this article, What is the second part of having everything together in your serve? What was the first phrase of generating power?




2). Explain to me the idea of the “place” that the author had mentioned in his article. What is there to be taught when you are coaching someone the toss of the serve ball?




3) What does one have to do to generate power in their serves so the volleyball could be hit hard with a good amount of force?

PART 5. Reflection

1). What was learned in today’s lesson? What does it have to take to perform that skill?


2) Were you able to grasp the lesson in a way you will be able to have an idea on how to perform a forearm pass if it was done in person?




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