Nitrogen fixation in non-legume plants by Nitrogen-fixing actinoba

I have wrote some instructions to guide you through, as well I attached some useful pdfs that I would like you to use as reference. Please consider that I need this essay to be suitable for Master studies level, therefore kindly do not plagiarize. Also, I will attach an example of my writing so you can know my writing style.

The sequence of the essay as the following:
1- Introduction.
At the end of the introduction write what this writing is going to discuss.
2- Subheadings.
3- Conclusion: summarizing everything.
4- Reference list ( Harvard style) and at least 10 reference required.

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Nitrogen fixation in non-legume plants by Nitrogen-fixing actinoba
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Further instructions:
– Three pages minimum with single space (not including the cover and reference pages).
– Times New Roman font, size (12).
– Provide in text citation for every information. Example, sentence (author, year).
– Support informations with statistics ( number, %, example from different countries).
– Add figures and graphs (very important) ( write the reference Under them). For example, figure 1: algal bloom in (name) river (author, year).
– All the used reference should be from strong journal articles ( direct, web of science ).
– The reference year of publication should be recent, between (2000- 2020).
– You can use one book or two just for general information or definitions.
– No plagiarism ( rewrite everything)

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