Muser key findings

Use the provides resources to find the key findings about the muser app.
So according to the PowerPoint, this is what the questions are in the key findings section. However, we aren’t really doing any surveys or focus groups so I don’t think it applies to us. In our case, what I recommend doing is highlight important aspects from the 3 market research types we are doing (buyer persona, price research, and competitive analysis)
For ex. “After conducting the price research and Buyer persona research, We have noticed some trends between the type of person likely to use our app and the price that they are willing to pay for that app” and then elaborate
Or anything else that comes to your mind that basically highlights specific parts of the results.
Background: Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD, e.g. agitation, anxiety, and depression) are hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia (ADRD) and affect 80%-90% of persons living with dementia (PLWD) during their disease progression. Current evidence indicates receptive music listening interventions are effective in reducing BPSD among dementia patients. However, there is no comparable mobile application that enables caregivers to deliver a low-cost, data-driven personalized music intervention using readily available recorded music. The MUSER mobile application is expected to meet the needs of PLWD and their family members to reduce BPSD and improve wellbeing of PLWD and their families in the community. Objective: Your group will be consulting with Dr. Meng, Director of the USF PAL to conduct a market research and write a report (1 page Executive Summary, and 6 pages of Market Research Report) by reading the HubSpot guidelines ( and reviewing the Market Research Foundations course on LinkedIn Learning ( Please pick 3 out of the following five types of market research: Interviews, Buyer Persona Research, Market Segmentation Research, Pricing Research, and Competitive Analysis Research. Then the group members will conduct the research by completing the attached templates (on Canvas), and write a report summarizing the procedures, results, and recommendations. Current product: MUSER music/meditation app (prototype) Competitors: Music/video streaming companies (such as Spotify, YouTube), wellness/meditation apps (such as WW, Calm), and music interventions (Music & Memory, Playlist for Life).

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Muser key findings
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