Chapter 11

Would you allow a community correctional center to be built in your neighborhood? Why or why not?
Should pretrial detainees and convicted offenders be kept in the same institution? Explain.
Should inmates be allowed to choose the type of prison in which they serve their sentence?
Should private companies be allowed to run correctional institutions? Why or why not?

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Chapter 12

Considering the dangers that men face during their prison stay, should nonviolent inmates be placed in separate institutions to protect them from harm?
Should women be allowed to work as guards in male prisons? What about male guards in female prisons?
Should prison inmates be allowed a free college education while non-criminals are forced to pay tuition?
Which would be more effective: telling inmates that they have to earn the right to be paroled? Or, giving inmates their parole date in advance and telling them they will lose it for misbehavior.

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