k Ethos of Conflict

Choose a text and discuss what elements of an Ethos of Conflict are seen in it. Prove it with examples from the chosen text. Mention at least four elements of the Ethos of Conflict. In your assignment, you are expected to:

1. Present the theory

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k Ethos of Conflict
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2. Define the elements of the ethos (those you choose to discuss)

3. Implement the theory on the case study (show how the text reflets your chosen elements of the ethos)


Length: from 700 to 1000 words, do not exceed the limit of 1000 words;

Format: Font 12, Times New Roman; Line Spacing – 1.5; Margins- standard.

In your work, while mentioning the elements of an ethos format them in bold (e.g. delegitimization).

References: APA format standards or footnotes. Reference style must be the same throughout the paper. References must be used after each element of ethos.

Structure of the paper:

Introduction: introduce the text and the conflict it relates to.

Main part: discuss the elements of an ethos of conflict that are represented in this text, using examples from the text.

Conclusion: shortly explain how the text reflects the conflict and what it tells us about society’s perception of it.


Choice of the text.

The text of your choice can be a song, a poetry, a fragment of the book, a journal or newspaper article, someone’s public speech or statement, video, movie.

If you chose a poetry, a song, a fragment of the book or an article that is no longer than 2 pages, please, attach its English translation as an appendix (the length of the text is not included in 1000 words of the assignment and you can format it with single interval and 10 font). If you chose a music clip or short (up to 20 minutes) video, please, include a link to the paper. If your text is a movie, tv show, or a book fragment (longer than 2 pages), please include a short description in the appendix of the paper.

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