Industry & Manufacturing Unit – Costs & Benefits Experiment

Use the Figures the to respond to the questions for this assignment

Part I:

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Industry & Manufacturing Unit – Costs & Benefits Experiment
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Discuss why the following statement is True: “As a country’s per capita income increases, its per capita carbon dioxide emissions also increase.”

a- Identify one country (Not the United States) to illustrate this phenomenon and specifically include dates (approximate years when growth took place) and both GNI and emissions data.

b – Discuss using external resources and research, as well as information from the textbook. The Library Research Guide
(Link to external website.)
created for our class is useful for this part.

Part II:

Brazil has been able to make considerable progress towards sustainable development by obtaining electricity from hydroelectric sources.

a – Identify one other developing region or country that might consider this approach and explain why you you chose them as good candidates.

b – What would the advantages and disadvantages be of building more dams?

Your concluding paragraph will draw together the findings from both Parts I & II.


Your essay should be at least 4 pages long, 12 pt font, double-spaced. Please upload completed word document by 5:00 pm November 17th.

Please cite all sources and ensure they are from reputable journals or news outlets. APA style prferred.

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