hat does Diversity mean to you?

This essay requirement presents an opportunity for you to reinforce your understanding of the course materials, pursue further research on the essay topic, analyze and engage with research materials, and present your arguments in a systematic and methodical way. For this activity, you are to write one 1,500-word reflective essay (you can go 10% above or below this limit; the bibliography is not included in the word count) in response to the following prompt:

What does diversity mean to you? Describe yourself by highlighting a personal diversity characteristic (e.g. race, ethnicity, gender, social class, etc.). Discuss some of the challenges and opportunities you have faced on account of this characteristic. Building on what you have learned in the class, evaluate and reflect on your experiences in the context of the broader social and historical processes in minority-majority group relations in the US.

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hat does Diversity mean to you?
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I will be assessing your understanding and ability to critically engage with some of the current issues, complexities, and general literature on issues regarding human diversity. Consider all relevant course materials and readings as well as other outside sources (books, journal articles, etc.) as part of your research on the topic. A minimum of four sources (including any of the course text: Diversity & Society Race, Ethnicity, and Gender, 6th edition, Joseph F. Healey & Andi Stepnick) cited in ASA or APA format should be used in your paper. All submissions are reviewed by Turnitin.com which generates originality reports.


I am 1st generation Mexican American female. Challenges being judged by ethnicity and gender expectations (women belong in the home and no personal goals) Opportunities due to being bilingual I have the ability to move up at work and I am more exposed to growth opportunities.

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