Excel using assignment

I will send you links of two videos of my prof.


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Excel using assignment
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Hint: I’m a fan of Headers — this is a pretty big data set — there is a lot of data. Remember — you have to “analyze” (look) at all the data to understand the story — But you only write about what matters — ALSO — it might be worth re-watching the video about how to write about data — when using numbers and %’s in text.

There should be NO CHARTS in this written summary.

Potential Layout for paper:

Overall — What is the industry doing?

— caused by what? (large or small)

— caused by what — (which categories contributing to growth or decline?)

— caused by what – What companies growing declining??

caused by — what brands growing or declining?
In the attachment above, read through and “digest” the qualitative data for this professor. You are writing a summary report for the chair of the department. You have to categorize and summarize the data accordingly — using appropriate language. DO NOT use %’s like 14% of the comments said “X.” That is an inappropriate use of statistics and percentages for qualitative data.

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