Easy 1 page outline on city

Write a 1-page outline for your paper in which you specify the following (bullet points are acceptable):

1. What geographic region is your city located in?

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Easy 1 page outline on city
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This is unrelated to your assigned city from your group discussions. You can pick any region and/or climate type you want.
The goal of the Envisioning the Sustainable City paper is to describe an ideal but realistic sustainable neighborhood or city that you would like to see in the future
2. Which five Sustainable Development Goals will guide your city plan, features, development and strategies to achieve a sustainable city?

Two SDGs need to be related to social aspects of sustainability.
Before choosing the indicators, make sure to review the “SDGs and Selected Indicators” document. You will need to assess your envisioned city based on the listed indicators for your chosen SDGs.
3. What kind of planning and policy strategies are you considering for the following topics to work towards your choses SDGS and create a sustainable urban fabric for your envisioned city?

Build Environment
Green infrastructure and green spaces
Social dimensions of sustainability
Social and environmental equity concerns
4. List a minimum of four potential sources you can use to support your final paper. The textbook can be one of your sources.

Format your sources according to APA guidelines on a separate references page. This does not count as part of the 1-page outline.

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