Acadimic multi sourced essay

Make sure you have finished doing all the reading and go over your papers one more time. After that, see if you cna find some common ground among the sources. What is the one thing that you think stands out in all the articles? Make that your central idea. Then see how many subtopics you can find. After that, see what the sources have to say about those subtopics.

Do not make your paper about the people. Do not even mention the people as topics in the opening paragraphs. Make the central idea and your introduction about the problem. Then use the sources to help you describe the problem and provide support for your claims.

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Acadimic multi sourced essay
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You are going to do this a lot like a comparison paper. However, you will be juggling more sources. You should have sentences like this: While Freire says X and Tagg says X, and then both agree on Y, only Paul sees Z as an implication. Now that you have taken all these arguments apart, it is time to put them back together in new and creative ways. OK… you just read five different articles that talked about the same thing in different ways. Where do they come together? What is true for all of them? Once you figure that out, turn it into a problem. Ask why is this true? How is this a problem? That is your central idea. That is the thesis of your paper. Once you have that, then go to topic sentences One aspect of the problem is…. Another aspect of the problem is…. etc.

Articles to use
•Letter grades deserve a “F” – Jessica Lahey
•Transformative Learning:Theory to practice-jack Mezirow
•The banking concept of education-Paulo Freire
•Why Learn- John Tagg
•Becoming a knowledge worker-Robert Reich

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