Back Video Games and Children

i also need an outline for this essay.

The writing and researching involved in this paper will give you a better sense of what research is and how and why it is done. The assignment will orient you to the FNU libraries and their various resources, and help you gain a better understanding of different types of writing and publications.

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Back Video Games and Children
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Paper #1: Students MUST choose a topic from the list of Research Topics provided by the instructor. Students MUST also use FNU’s library database for research.

Audience: Students or anyone who has a curiosity or research interest in this particular topic but no prior specialized knowledge of the topic; your English 3311 teacher.

Length: at least 3- 4 pages with at LEAST SIX references

There are two basic tasks to fulfill in this paper: – to describe this topic or development as clearly and concisely as possible for the specified audience; in other words, to educate your audience about this topic as thoroughly as possible given the space constraints. – to make a compelling, specific, and explicit case explaining obvious and not-so obvious reasons this topic is important.

Credentials: Log on to LIRN (FNU Library database).
Username: 24439
Password: smartlearn39
you have to use the sources from the database but can also use outside and reliable sources, but mostly from the database.V

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