Assignment 3

Assignment 3

The purpose of this assignment is

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Assignment 3
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1 understanding the role and activities of interest groups

2 defining your interests and finding corresponding group that share your interest

Demonstrating understanding of free rider phenomena and astroturfing by using specific examples



Part 1

Research interest groups and choose one you are a member or you would love to join!

A) Explain your choice?
In explaining your choice, you are demonstrating ability to define your own interests and recognize what are the interests you share with a group of your choice.

In answering this question, it is important to recognize and understand the interest of group you choose and to connect its interest with your own.

B) name of interest groups



D) type of interest group (check interest groups typology in chapter 10)
E) Describe activities your interest group is taking in order to pursue its goal and mission?


(List goals and mission first and then describe what they do in order to reach those goals.)


Part 2

A) Does your interest group face Free rider problem? Explain your reasoning.

(Make sure to define and explain free rider problem. Avoid google definition of free rider phenomena. Explain why you think your interest group face or does not face this problem.)

B) Explain astroturfing and provide 2 specific examples.


This assignment requires no citation!

Please use full sentences. Use your own voice and avoid quotations!

Submit assignment 3 at appropriate folder by specified deadline!

You must submit your file as MS word or PDF!

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