South African Apartheid

**My Topic: South African Apartheid

**Need Thesis question:

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South African Apartheid
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**Need Thesis statement:



Example Thesis question: “Why did the founders include a Bill of Rights in the Constitution?”

Example Thesis statement:  “While there were many factors that influenced this decision, they were fearful of losing their rights after being oppressed by Great Britain and wanted to be sure to codify those basic rights into their fundamental governing document.”


In the Annotated Bibliography most use at 1 Primary Source and 3 secondary sources. For a total of 4 Sources.

***Full APA citation

Example:Morton, L. (1957). The decision to use the atomic bomb. Foreign Affairs. Retrieved from

****Full description of what the article is trying to say:

  1. Identify author and describe potential biases.
  2. Identify thesis and arguments in article
  3. What primary sources did the source rely on?
  4. Is the source reliable and convincing? Why or why not?
  5. In each description of each source most speak about what Lenses you believe the article is using SOCIAL, POLITICAL, ECONOMIC OR OTHER, and USE 2 QUOTES FORM EACH SOURCE THAT JUSTIFY YOUR CHOICE OF LENSE.
  6. How does the source relate to your thesis statement?


Example of primary sources (must use 1 here)

In order to make the most of finding Primary Sources online, you will need to be able to develop strong search terms to deploy in your search for primary sources. Generally, you will need to supply the name of the person or historical event you are researching. Usually, it is also helpful to identify a particular type of primary source document that you have in mind. Examples include:

  • Letter
  • Speech
  • Interview
  • Diary
  • Oral history
  • Journal




Example of Secondary Sources (most use 3 here) (do not uses encyclopedias)

Secondary sources are second-hand accounts of a historical event, usually (but not necessarily) written after the event occurred, by somebody who was not involved in the event. The secondary source uses collections of primary sources to build an interpretation of the event







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