FORMAT: • 8+ pages (6 pages MINIMUM, meaning the text reaches down to the last line of the sixth page, exclusive of footnotes!), typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. 20 points will be deducted for each page short of the 6-page minimum requirement (10 points for a half page, 5 points for a quarter page, etc.)! • Cite a minimum of 5 sources (outside of the recommended textbook and class lecture), including at least one pertinent scholarly article on the architecture and/or culture of your chosen era. Wikipedia, online encyclopedias and other websites will not be accepted! 5 points will be deducted for each missing or invalid source. Use the Chicago/Turabian style for your citations. This requires the inclusion of footnotes/endnotes AND a Works Cited/Bibliography page. 5 points will be deducted for lack of Works Cited/Bibliography and another 5 points will be deducted for improper use of citation style. See the following link for a reference to Chicago style: • DO NOT USE FIRST-PERSON VOICE (i.e. I/ you/ we/ us, etc.)! • Provide images of your chosen architectural works in a figures section at the end of the paper. Choose 1 of the cultural eras covered in class (i.e. Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance, etc). See the syllabus for the topics that are to be covered over the course of the class. • Select 2 structures from your chosen era that you believe best define your chosen time period. 2/3 • Write an 8+ page paper describing how the structures you have chosen embody the construction concepts, functionality and symbolic elements of your chosen era. You MUST provide in-depth discussion of all of the following in your paper with proper citation and research to support it: o Introduction (Approx. 1 paragraph/5 points): Provide a strong, thematic introduction that addresses the cultural era and structures that you will be addressing. What will you attempt to prove and how will you do so? What questions will your be addressing and why? o Cultural Era Analysis (Approx. 1 page /10 points): Provide an indepth overview of the specific cultural era you have chosen. What were the religious, political and cultural ideals that shaped society and its resultant architectural constructions? How was architecture utilized to capture the spiritual, political and/or cultural elements of your specific era and region? What major political and/or cultural events influenced how buildings were crafted? How did they do so? How did the specific region define the forms of the cultural era? o Visual and Structural Analysis (Approx. 4-5 pages/Exterior Analysis: 10 points for each work=20 points/Interior Analysis: 10 points for each work=20 points/ 40 points total): Using proper terminology, provide strong and in-depth visual and structural analysis for each architectural work focusing on BOTH the interior and exterior of the building. Provide proportions and measurements that are pertinent to understanding the scope and scale of the structure. What specific building techniques are utilized and why? What specific building materials were chosen and why? What form does the structure take and why? What symbols are utilized and why? How is sculpture/decoration integrated into the overall design? Make sure to provide strong discussion of the individual exterior and interior aspects of the structure from vaulting, elevation and floorplan to decorative design, sculptural aspects and fenestration. Link these elements to specific orders, proportions and forms found within the structures of your chosen era. Be very specific in your discussion and approach the structures as though you were explaining them to someone who has never seen them before. Tie these visual analyses to the elements described in your Cultural Analysis. o Discussion of Cultural Adherence (Approx. 2-3 pages/10 points for thorough discussion with each artwork = 20 points) Discuss how each of your chosen structures adheres to the ideals of its given culture. What significance did each structure have from a social perspective? A religious perspective? A political perspective? What role did each structure play in contemporary society? Be specific. What specific symbolic elements and forms did the architects employ to speak to their 3/3 respective audiences? How were these structural qualities and symbols intended to be read by the intended audience? Were these concepts localized to your chosen structures or used broadly across many structures of the period? Why? What major political and/or cultural events influenced the construction of each work? What historical and/or contemporary references are being made in the structure and why? Be very specific and thorough. Your goal here is to show how specific concepts that are defining of your chosen cultures have been applied to individual structures to make them representative of their specific era. o Conclusion (Approx. 1 paragraph/5 points): Summarize the main ideas and themes of your paper. Link the topic(s) presented in your conclusion with the goal(s) presented in your Introduction. • Make sure that you complete ALL aspects of this assignment, and answer all pertinent questions. • DO NOT PLACE IMAGES IN TEXT! Rather, place referenced images/figures into a reference/figures page at the end of your writing. Images placed in text will count against the page length of your writing!

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