Compare the Barbary Plague with COVID-19

This research paper consists of comparing The Barbary Plague with COVID-19 (news/media misinformation, blaming non-white people for the plague/virus, government disputes, economy, religion, etc). I’ve split the paper into 4 parts which have been approved by my professor:

1st part – research about the barbary plague
2nd part – research about covid-19
3rd part – comparison of both pandemics/epidemics
4th part- how covid19 has affected my life as a full-time student and full-time employee.
(I attend Mount St. Mary’s University, full time. I’m currently working for the City of Los Angeles, Housing Department in the Code Enforcement Division intaking tenant code enforcement complaints. I am now working remotely, full-time)

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Compare the Barbary Plague with COVID-19
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** must incorporate information on books:
1. Marylyn Chase’s Study, The Barbary Plague: The Black Death in Victorian San Francisco (2004)
2. Frank M. Snowden’s, Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present (2020)
(both e-books are attached)

Great resources:
– BBC News
– Sky News
– World Health Organization (WHO) News
– South China Morning Post
– China Daily
– BBC News
– The Economist
– USA Today
– The Wall Street Journal
– any government sites
– any articles that consist’s of President’s Trump’s view/opinion on COVID-19

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