bayes theorm

Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites is a hotel locates close to Toronto Pearson Airport. Whenever Toronto has severe snow storm, many flights are delayed and eligible passengers will be arranged to stay in nearby hotels, including Hilton.

You are the manager of Hilton and having reviewed the records of past 5 years, you find:

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bayes theorm
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the chance of having a severe snow storm during the winter season is 0.17
the chance of having high occupancy during the winter season is 0.25
amongst the days your hotel has high occupancy during the winter season, 33% of them were days that had severe snow storm

According to weather forecast, this weekend will have a severe snow storm. What is the probability that you will have high occupancy during this weekend?

Show all your calculations in detail.

All answers must be typed. You may use MS word.

youtube video link for reference:

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