Lab Report Paper

For this paper, you will be writing a review based on one of three papers provided by your instructor (attached below). Your review must answer the following 7 questions to earn full credit:

1.What were the hypotheses that guided this research?
2.What was this research done? (How did the authors justify this body of work?)
3.Outline some of the background (literature review) that was used to support this research? Use the Introduction as a guide
4.What are at least 3 biology methods that were used to conduct this research?
5.Summary the data for at least 1 of the experiments that were done.
6.Outline the authors results.
7.What were some of the conclusions the authors made from this research?

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Lab Report Paper
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Details on the paper:
paper must be at least 2 pages (not including reference page), no more than 8 pages.

Double spaced
Title page, including your instructor’s name (spelled correctly)
Times New Roman
12 point font
You may use outside references to answer questions
A reference page
APA format.

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