Social Media Has Been Largely Beneficial to Young People

Social Media Has Been Largely Beneficial to Young People


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Social Media Has Been Largely Beneficial to Young People
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Social media today has become stronger than ever before. It has transformed every single aspect of life from allowing us to receive education to influencing the way we interact and the way we do business(Tomalin, 2017, Nov 24). Social media is a fantastic platform for all people, regardless of their age. It creates a public forum for people from which a person can drive benefits or detriments. Generation Z and millennials (youth) are the population demographic who are the most active on social media and these youths have obtained benefits from using social media platforms.

Thesis statement: Although social media has its share of negative, it is not all bad and has various benefits, especially to the youths.


  1. Social media is a fantastic platform the youths can use to showcase their talents and creativity.
  2. Youths can use social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to share photos and videos that show their talents in academic competitions or even sports(Trautman,2017, Feb 21).
  3. Youths can use social media platforms to share content about creative projects and services they are doing in the community(Trautman,2017, Feb 21). Forinstance, innovative ways of recycling waste to preserve the environment.



  1. Social media is an essential source of teaching and learning for the youths
  2. 59% of the people who use social media are youths aged between 18 to 35 years and can use various social media platforms like youtube to learn things like changing a laptop screen(Beckingham, 2019, Oct 7).
  3. Lecturers use social media platforms like Twitter to reach out to their students and teach current society issues about politics and any other recent news(Beckingham, 2019, Oct 7).
  4. Social media use provides an excellent opportunity for youths to develop their digital literacy.
  5. Youths develop their communication skills by interacting and sharing content on social media, which prepares them for future workplace opportunities(Internet Matters, n.d).
  6. Youths also grow their technical skills as they use technology devices like computers to share and technically edit social media content like videos(Internet Matters, n.d).


In conclusion, social media can potentially influence youths negatively, but when used in the right way, the benefits are tremendous.



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