Sentinel Events


Sentinel Events

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Sentinel Events
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A sentinel event is an unexpected encounter associated with death or severe physical or psychological damages. A few days ago, a woman aged 30 years reported to the healthcare unit while I was doing my placement and complained of experiencingbloating for over a year. A physician performed a  CT scan, and there were volumes with threads attached to them. The healthcare providers performed laparotomy, and sponges were confirmed, linked to the patient. After giving birth through a caesarian section, a medical provider left the sponge since that was the only surgery she had in her clinical history. The patient was discharged after a week following a successful surgery.

The joint commission (TJC) seeks to assess the hospital’s compliance with the applicable standards, evaluate the patient goals and the accreditation requirement for participation, and score the required based on hospital performance for a time (Bouman et al., 2018). The joint commission investigates occurrences that meet specific criteria like if the circumstance led to death or a permanent condition like loss of body function that is not related to the natural courses. The sentinel event is conveyed to The Joint Commission through patient, healthcare providers, media, or research. The Joint Commission has goals to positively influence the quality of care, treatment, and services in preventing unwanted harm. It helps the organization focus on the causes of the sentinel event and understand the factors that led to the event.

The sentinel object might be caused by human error may be due to fatigue. The medical care providers should be aware that there is less attention when fatigued while working ad may not generally perform because of the low quality of sleep (Bouman et al., 2018). Therefore, it is

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