Economic concepts

Grading of the paper will be based on the following:

  • (40 points) Significant and correct use of economic concepts
  • (20 points) Critical Analysis
    • Accuracy – Is the information true?
    • Relevance – Is the information connected to the question or issue?
    • Fairness – Is the information distorted to support a biased opinion?
    • Originality – Does the paper present original thought?
  • (20 points) Organization
    • Grammar, spelling, paragraph structure and content organization.
    • Misspellings, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, mistakes in capitalization, errors in punctuation, and verb-tense or subject-verb agreement errors.
  • (10 points) Group Participation
    • Contributes to discussion on topics selected by other group members
    • Offers recommendations
  • (10 points) Work Cited Page
    • MLA/APA format
    • Work cited page and in-text citation

Papers will be penalized for the following:

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Economic concepts
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  • 10% – failure to post topic
  • 20% – failure to provide rough draft for peer review
  • 20% – failure to return paper with feedback to assigned group member.


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