Strange Occurrences

React to one specific example of the unexplained religious phenomena described in the Website “Religious Mysteries/Miracles”

Initial posting: Your 3-5 sentence reaction should specify which case you are discussing and how your reaction of belief or disbelief corresponds to either the Scientific or Religious Worldview. Give concrete reasons for your position

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Strange Occurrences
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This is part one 3 to 5 sentences of the reaction.

This is a discussion board not an essay.


Response: to 2 other postings by offering a suggestion as to how it might be possible to look at the case from the opposite perspective. For example, if your colleague is looking at it religiously, offer the perspective of someone coming at it from the scientific worldview. This response should be 2-4 sentences in length. Please respond to 2 postings. I WILL Post two classmate’s posts so you can respond in 2-4 sentences to them.

POST 1-As a catholic, I do believe in the healing power of prayer. Believing in a higher power can cause individuals to be more aware of their situation and it can also bring them a sense of peace. This new found sense of peace and better mental state that is brought on by prayer can have positive impacts on one’s health. Some may call the healing power of prayer wishful thinking because praying cannot fix everything (the article points out that prayer cannot heal an amputee), but prayer can heal the soul which is why I believe it is so powerful.

POST 2-Hello class,

“Pray, hope, and don’t worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.” (“Padre Pio’s Miracles”) Padre Pio is one of the most iconic and famous of the saints of the Catholic faith, known for many of his miracles but the one that has brought the most controversy to his miracles is the formation of his stigmata; the marks of Jesus’s crucifixion of the hands and feet and the wound afflicted by the Roman soldier’s lance on the left side rib cage. Although many questioned his stigmata and called it fake, none were ever able to prove it otherwise. Padre Pio was put through countless medical experiments which tested the healing nature of his wounds and checked to see if they were self-inflicted, but all were unable to find a reason why it happened. He was also subjugated by the Catholic ministry official due to the controversy that his miracles and stigmata brought up; “Bishop Rossi concluded that the wounds were not “the work of the devil” nor were they the result of “deceit, fraud or a malicious or evil ability. Much less were they result of external suggestion, nor do I consider them to be the result of suggestion…Other details such as high fevers and perfume-like scents confirmed the veracity of the phenomenon.” (Catholic News Agency) The placing of his stigmata came about after he had a vision of Jesus Christ inviting him to be united with His Passion. This indeed was the work of God that no scientist was able to prove, miracles such as raising the dead, healing the sick, and the power of knowing what was on the minds of many among many, turned this incredible man into the saint he is today.

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