Child Abuse

Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

This assignment will document your initial sources for your Researched Argument Essay, as well as help you to refine your source selections and identify key portions of your argument. You will list your sources in MLA Works Cited format with full MLA citations. You will also provide a brief rationale for each source explaining how it will be used to support (or provide counter-argument) to your argument.

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Child Abuse
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Here are the guidelines for this assignment:

You must include a minimum of four (4) sources. All sources must be located within the Clark State Library academic databases or resources; if you have a source from outside the databases, you must send the details of that source to me in a Course Message for approval before including it here.

Examine the Sample Annotated Bibliography in the Section 2 Lecture & Reading materials. Format and structure your Annotated Bibliography in the same way as the sample.

Begin with a paragraph that provides a brief overview of your research questions, and the direction you are moving in. In other words – state the scope of your intended research and your argument. You will then have an entry for each source which will consist of a complete MLA citation, and an annotation for that source. Your annotation should cover:

A brief summary of the main point of the source
An explanation of how the source connects to your research question(s)

Annotations can be brief (1-2 paragraphs long) but should be well-written, thorough, and carefully proofread. Demonstrate your understanding of the source, and let your reader know how it fits into your research.

Sources should be listed in alphabetical order, by author’s last name (or first letter of the citation). This assignment must be formatted according to MLA guidelines, and must use MLA 8 citation templates. See Chapter 52 of the textbook for citation templates and guidance.

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