Case Study

Option 1: Case Study

This task requires you to research how organisations develop and use core capabilities into their broader business strategy. You should choose an organisation or business that has clearly identifiable core capabilities. You should also discuss how these activities and processes are essential in driving business strategy from a variety of perspectives (commercial, customer, market, societal etc). You need to consult broad, quality secondary information sources when selecting your case study.

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Case Study
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This case study also needs to be structured, systematic, and must use theories, models, and concepts you have learned in this subject, specifically Chapters 1 to 6. Your case study may be structured however you think best to present your analysis. However, within this assignment you should provide:

1. Description of the scope of the organisation/company. This includes a brief description of their activities, which sector and industry they operate in and key products, service and customers. It is important for you to describe the context.

2. Description of the key core capabilities evident within the organisation. how they are being used, developed and maintained, and their links to wider business strategy.

3. Analysis of at least one key business strategy approach. This discussion should include explanation of how these activities and processes are leading to core capability from a variety of perspectives. You should consider commercial, customer, market, societal etc. Note: This can be both a positive and negative evaluation of the value that core capability is or has provided to the organisation here.

4. A concise conclusion and evaluation on the value of core capabilities for organisations more widely. This question relates to content in Chapter 1 to 6.

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