1. Formulation of the problem/ Client History: What do you see as the client’s problems? How did the client’s problem originally develop? What are some ofthe reasons this client is seeking treatment now.?What has the client done in the past to address the problems? How have sociocultural factors (ie race, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation) impacted this client in his or her experience with significant others? How might the use of assessments help to confirm thediagnosis?
  2. Provide a Diagnosis (include your rational). The rational should be written in third personand be based on the information provided and the criteria in the DSM 5. The rational needs to be factual not what you feel or think but based on the facts presented. When writing this section, consider what you would put in a client’s chart to support yourdiagnosis.Write the correct diagnosis including the name, code, and specifiers. You can see how to write a correct DSM diagnosis in the PowerPoint slides.
  3. Therapeutic Process: How do you feel toward the client? How might these feeling help or hinder the therapeutic process? How might the clients perceive you? How do these factors impact the counseling process? How might these feelings help or hinder the counseling process? What challenges if any might you face in working with theclient?
  4. Utilization of Theory (state your theory or theories). Use the theory you have selected to explain how the client’s behaviors or issues may have developed and how they can beaddressed. Also address how you would deal with the situation if the client were reluctant to seek further treatment based on your theoretical orientation. Peer reviewed references should be used in this section (minimum of three to support your ideas).


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** The case studies are intended to assess your abilities to conceptualize diagnostic criteria. DSM 5 criteria will be used for the diagnosis. The case studies should be a minimum of 2-3 pages and no longer than 3 pages. You must adhere to APA format, but you do not need to include an abstract. Each case study is worth a maximum of 25 points (total points 100).****You must upload your final paper to LiveText.**

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