Thesis Statement

Write what you think is your best thesis statement.

  1. Adding exercise into your daily routine offers many benefits: More energy, overall strength, and endurance, relieves stress, and strengthens your bones or muscles.


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Thesis Statement
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Support your thesis: Write at least 3 reasons that a reader should adopt the view you present in your thesis statements.

Exercise is essential for every person’s health and wellbeing. Exercise is not only a great way to prevent diseases, but it also has many more benefits. Not only does it minimize or prevent mental illness, it helps you Feel better, Live longer, have more energy, improve your sexual health, improve mood, relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce fat, among many other key benefits.Today, some people do not realize that exercise plays a massive role in how we live every day and the effects it has on us by not adding some of it in our everyday routine. Mental health has tremendously grown over the years. Mush so that it continues to increase every year. Exercise is not something we realize we need until something happens physically or mentally.


What Evidence, examples, or logic can support your reasons?

  1. According to The State of Mental Health of America, “The number of people looking for help with anxiety and depression has skyrocketed” in 2020. A Study in the World Health Organization stated, “One out of four people worldwide are physically inactive. This puts more than 1.4 billion adults at risk of developing or exacerbating diseases linked to inactivity”.


The opposing view: Write at least 2 reasons that a reader might disagree with the view you present in your thesis statement.

  1. Some may disagree with certain aspects of exercise. People today have a lot less time to fit exercise into their daily routines. People also struggle with motivation. Someone may also have physical disabilities. Certain exercise routines can play a significant role in causing more pain rather than less pain. Therefore, those people have a much harder time motivating themselves in doing other exercises. Some may also disagree that it prevents diseases or helps with mental health.


Why is your view better than the opposition’s?

  1. Adding some physical exercise into your daily routine is crucial to your overall health. Some may argue that exercise does not prevent certain diseases or that it does not help with their mental health. Most of us today want rapid results. We exercise for a couple of days and immediately expect results. Exercise does not work that way. Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain mental clarity, it takes time. Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, it takes time. Just knowing that you are helping your body in so many ways is what needs to be the focus.


Why should readers care about your argument?

  1. Understanding the benefits of exercise needs to be carefully understood. Although, most of us lack some sort of motivation, we also need to understand the benefits it has on us physically and mentally. We may not see instant results, but the overall outcome is crucial to our health and wellness.

























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