Research Article Review

APA Citation:


Variable and key concepts
  • List the important points of the article, variables, framework, and concepts mentioned.
  • Were hypothesis stated or implied?
  • What was the research question? Was it clearly stated?
  • Who were the participants
  • How many? What it enough?
  • How were participants gathered (sampling plan)
  • Did any drop out? Why?
Design and Method
  • How was the research designed?
  • Quantitative? Qualitative, mixed?
  • What it appropriate to answer the question?
Instruments/Data Collection
  • What data was collected?
  • Was the data sufficient?
  • What instrument was used? Survey? Interview? Questionnaire?
  • Was the instrument valid?
  • What were the results?
  • Is it what you expected?
  • Does it make sense?
Strengths&Limitations Strengths:

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Research Article Review
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  • What were the strengths of the study?
  • Did it show a statistical difference? Was it supported?



Critique Overall, what is your opinion of the study?

Can you use this study for your literature review?

Did the researchers explain their research well?

Was it easy to understand?

Does the research make sense?


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