Pyramid Building

Background: The three pyramids of Giza are counted among eight wonders of the world for good reason. They are majestic in size and a true feat of engineering and organization. Constructing a monument of that size and with such architectural precision manually and with pre-modern technology, and on the back of a pre-industrial economy was an enormous accomplishment. The ancient architects, construction site supervisors, administrators and workers had to solve a huge number of logistical challenges, ranging from getting construction materials on site, putting it in place to ever increasing heights, to managing masses of laborers, and ensuring sufficient funds to finance the entire construction project.


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Pyramid Building
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Instructions: Based on the lecture material and the documentary and the assigned reading, I want you to envision yourself to be one of the top officials involved in the construction of the pyramids. The three options are 1) the lead architect in charge of overseeing the entire construction project from start to finish. 2) The chief overseer of the workforce employed at the site of Giza and the queries and 3) the vizier of the pharaoh overseeing the economy and the treasury from which the construction project was financed. In a letter to the pharaoh – you, impersonating one of the three officials, list at least 4 tasks and the related logistical challenges that you are going to have to master and make a suggestion on how to solve them. The solutions you propose should be based on the evidence you have learned in class how ancient Egyptians did organize the construction of the pyramids. This essay should be 3-5 pages long double space. Begin your essay with the Egyptian Salute to being a letter to the pharaoh


The [lead architect/chief overseer of the workforce/vizier] communicates to the Pharaoh: In life, prosperity and health! This is a missive to inform you my good lord of his goodly plans for his pyramid….


Use your logic to envision the logistical challenges that the construction of the pyramid, managing the masses of people or the provisioning of resources for the projects entails. I am not expecting you to be an expert in architecture, or labor management but the goal here is to immerse yourself into this time period to get a sense of the challenges that ancient life entailed and gain an appreciation for the sophistication of the solutions they came up with.


The information you use in this essay can only come from the lecture material, from the documentaries and the reading I assigned in week 6. Also do not copy word for word the caption of my lecture or the documentaries but you are required to paraphrase the information in your own words! NO OUTSIDE SOURCES are allowed. Please do not use any online sources. Please know that if I see any information used from outside sources and not cited, it is considered plagiarism and you will receive a 0 on the essay.

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