Select one original Representational or Abstract “public” art form, located within the vicinity of where you live, work, attend school or visit during this term, in order to complete the Module 2 Assignment. Read Warnings, Below:
Do not select a famous artist’s composition located at a museum or art gallery
Do not select a “replica” of a famous composition (for example, a poster or photo of Van Gogh’s “Stary Night”)
Do not select a work created by yourself, friend, family member or acquaintance
Do not select a “Non-Representational/Non-Objective” art form or you will not earn points for this assignment (Abstract Subject Matter is not the same as “Abstract” Style Art – Review PPT &/or Course Textbook for examples of Rep., Non-Rep, Abstract Subject Matter).
For Example: if you’ve chosen a composition that only features Visual Elements & Principles of Design (lines, colors, shapes, texture, balance, focal area, scale, proportion…) and does not have a descriptive title alluding to a “subject matter”, then chances are likely it’s not appropriate for this assignment. Here are a few examples of a Non-Representational/Non-Objective Composition (the type you shouldn’t select for this assignment):
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
(Links to an external site.)
The composition must include subject matter, a theme, icons/iconography & content/meaning to be accepted for this assignment. We want students to apply as many concepts as possible, to interpret art forms, which can’t be completed if you select a Non-Representational/Non-Objective composition!
You must include visual imagery with this assignment:
Take digital photographs of the art form selected, as well as yourself next to the chosen art form (required to earn any points). You are expected to view the composition “In-Person”!
Photos must include entire composition (not partial view)
Insert these digital images into your assignment document or you will not earn points!
Important Notice: Due to current Pandemic, students are also allowed to select a composition from their “home” or within their own neighborhood, or a work of art that they’ve previously viewed “in-person” (as long as you provide a photo of yourself next to the composition, it’s “original” and not a poster or picture replica, and it’s not created by a famous artist).
Remember: The composition (art form) chosen can’t be a “replica” of a famous work of art (for example, a poster or photo of a Monet or Van Gogh painting) nor can it be only viewed “on-line” – you must view the composition “in-person” or your assignment will not be accepted and will receive zero (0/100) points.
You must cite sources, as well as include a bibliography, if you’ve consulted the course textbook, an alternative textbook, or online resources to complete this assignment!
For example:
Course textbook terms, concepts, content about art, or additional visuals
Online research related to assignment (terms, concepts, content about art, additional visuals…)
Refer to sample assignment for example
Submit completed Module #2 Assignment by scheduled due date & time to earn points.

Click Here For: Module 2 Assignment.pdf
Click Here For: Module 2 Assignment.docx
Click Here For: Module 2 Assignment.rtf
Click Here For: Module 2 Handouts

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Click Here For: Sample Assignment
(Please View!)

Important Notice:

Complete Module Assignments, as soon as possible, to leave yourself time for upcoming assignments!
Do not submit later than 9:00 pm on assignment due dates (leave yourself some “wiggle” room for errors).
Immediately upon submitting a file, check your submission to ensure it’s the document that you want to submit within an assignment drop box. Students are not allowed to re-submit files after a scheduled due date/time!
Modules may be blocked (unavailable) from student viewing once scheduled due dates have arrived.
Late work is not accepted, therefore plan accordingly.
Should you have questions about an assignment, contact me early during the week (Monday through Thursday, not on the weekends) so that I can address your questions in a timely manner (prior to scheduled due dates).
Have Fun & Be Safe!

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