Opportunistic Routing-based MPTCP

is Opportunistic Routing-based MPTCP better than Multipath Routing-based MPTCP IN IoT networks?

I want to write a good conference paper that compares Opportunistic Routing when using MPTCP (a transport layer protocol) with Multipath Routing when also using MPTCP in IoT network and evaluate their performance to determine which one is better than the other in terms of Throughput, End-to-End delay, and packet loss. I want a Ph.D. professional to do the experiment and find out the results with 3 graphs, one for Throughput, one for End-to-End delay, and one for packet loss in IoT sensors network with 30 nodes. After proving the results, I should be able to say MPTCP with this routing method is better than the other, better in some scenarios, worse or there is no deference. Then, write the whole conference paper to be published.

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Opportunistic Routing-based MPTCP
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