Northern/Southern Caucasus

The Northern and Southern Caucasus need to offer suggestions to the DUMA that can then formulate into a resolution for Russia to pass.
Format is as:
I. The problem that needs to be addressed. The problem should be geographic in nature- or state why the problem involves the geography of the region and country as a whole.
II. The resolution itself that describes the possible solutions to the problem.
III. A description of why the resolution would be of mutual benefit to both region and Russia as a whole.

For the neighboring countries your suggestions would go like this:
I. A description of the problems that our geographies have produced that affects our population, culture, geopolitical relationships and economic ties to Russia.
II. What the suggestion is that will help solve the problem.
III. Why the solutions offered would be of mutual benefit to Russia and to the set of countries you represent.

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Northern/Southern Caucasus
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