Individual assignment

BUAD631                                            HomeworkSet1                                     Grade — 5% of final grade
Due date:        On or before 6 pm PST on day 1 of session 2

This is an individual assignment

Instructions (please read and follow the instructions):

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Individual assignment
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  1. Please provide a title page with the following information: your full name, the campus you attend, and the date submitted.  Please do not put your name on any other page of the document.
  2. Please submit your assignment as a PDF document.  Please name the file using the following structure: yourlastname-yourfirstname-cluster code-assignmentname (for example, student Robert Jones from course Redlands IR09 would name the file as Jones-Robert-IR09-Homework1).
  3. Please post your assignment to the Moodle link.  You do not have to hand-in a hard copy.
  4. There are three issues in this set.  Select one that you feel the most passionate about and answer that.  Your work should be in narrative form and consistent with APA format.



  1. You are convinced that getting an MBA for individuals like yourself makes monetary sense in the long run.  However, many of your friends and colleagues are not convinced of that.  For the benefit of your friends and colleagues you are interested in presenting a data driven defense of your position.  To do that, define the problem clearly, and present a data driven defense for your position. (Source: unknown)









For the issue you pick, develop a plan to defend your position with the support coming from data you collect the data and the analysis you could perform.  Your plan must address the following:

  1. What is your clear definition of the problem?  i.e., what is it that you would like to show with evidence from data and analysis?
  2. What data would you collect?  Identify and specify the variables (so that they can be measured), list them, and specify why each variable is useful (or needed) for the study.  List a few (made-up) values for each variable.  For each variable listed, specify whether the variable is qualitative or quantitative, and its measurement (i.e., units of measurement like dollars, number, inches, etc.).  Be very specific and to the point.
  3. Present a plan, for collecting the data specified above, in the form of a series of specific instructions for someone else that would actually collect the data for you.
  4. Provide a justification for your plan as it pertains to the quality of the data that will be collected (i.e., explain why you believe that the data collected will be of good quality to address the issue raised in the study).
  5. State at least one way you would display the data to help answer the question. You do not need to use software, but you may sketch a sample graph or chart to illustrate your point.
  6. State at least one way to analyze your question. What is it that you would have to prove in order to validate the claim?


No statistical analysis is necessary for this assignment. You should not read any articles related to this issue. This is an exercise in original thinking. There are many possible correct answers to each scenario. Your job is to present a plausible data driven position and defense.




If something is not clear, ask for clarification by emailing me (I am available to help you learn).  Do not answer the wrong question (and commit a type III error) and get penalized on the grade.



This is an individual assignment.  You should not get help from anyone, or work with others, on this assignment.  If you have any questions on the assignment or if you need clarification, please email me.



Here are some common mistakes made on this HW & some suggestions to avoid them:


Problem Suggestion
Not specifying the problem clearly Try specifying the problem in terms of variables (you specify in your document). Often the problem can be stated as a question.
The problem statement is too long A good problem statement should be one or two sentences long.  Anything more than that indicates you have not understood the problem clearly/fully to specify it precisely.
Not addressing all the requirements (there are six parts as listed above in the bulleted list) Read and follow all instructions.  Create a checklist for your use to insure your report meets/addresses all requirements.
Report is too wordy (like a research paper) Try using bulleted lists or tables whenever appropriate.
Connection between problem statement and data to be collected (i.e., variables) is not clear Make sure part 1 and part 2 (of the bulleted list of requirements above) are tightly connected.

Also, make sure you read and follow all instructions in part 2.

Quality of data (part 4 of the requirements) is not clearly discussed.  Instead “relevance of data” is discussed. Relevance refers to the type data needed to address the problem stated and quality refers to data collected that avoids bias and errors.
A way to analyze the data (part 6 of the requirements) is not clearly discussed. It is understood that you have not studied the specific types of analyses, so you are not expected to identify one by name. Instead, how would you address your problem (usually you are trying to prove a difference between groups) using your specific variables?


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