Iconic NYC Essay

Locate and identify a place or structure that you feel is quintessentially iconic of New York. In other words, if I were from another planet, what is the one place/thing that you would show me that would reveal the essential qualities of New York? You will, of course, need to explain what you feel are the essential qualities of New York. You may use references from any of the class discussions we have had, or from any of the events in the City and Humanities Program as tools to help you develop your papers. Write a 4-6 page paper in which you will uncover the unique qualities of your selection. Your paper will address the following:

-historical information about the item

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Iconic NYC Essay
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– purpose of the item

-perceptions of the item (how is it viewed by others)

-Your reasons for the selection (Explain why you consider this item iconic of New York City)

-Does your selection challenges or uphold any of Elizabeth Currid’s ideas in your textbook book, The Warhol Economy: how Fashion, Art, and Music Drive New York City?

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