How caffeine affects either human body

Need to complete

– Outline

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How caffeine affects either human body
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– Project Proposal Checklist

– Need at least 5 empirical articles as sources (CHeck the Writing the Intro. Template)

State the hypothesis you plan to test

State the independent variables
Must provide a clear operational definition

State the dependent variable
Must provide a clear operational definition

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeState why you think the variables will be related to one another
Rationale must be based on background

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeProvide at least one article and reference it in APA format
You must have read the article completely

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeDescribe the article in one or two sentences

for the article i would need a scientific journal article.

i believe for all sources

The research proposal contains all of the essential elements necessary to conduct your study. Your proposal should be approximately 8 pages long (4-5 pages for the introduction, 2-3 pages for the method, and 1 page for the discussion). You will complete a thorough literature review on your topic and present the information in your introduction. You will identify a gap in the literature, form a question, and state your hypothesis. You will outline a full description of what method you will use to answer your research question, including what design you will use, what materials you will use (i.e., questionnaires, visual stimuli, etc., ), and how many participants you will need. Remember that your project must have at least one manipulated variable. Since the expectation is that you will develop a quantitative experiment you will need data. Your TA is going to provide you will mock data, a data point for each one of your participants. In order for your TA to be able to generate the data you must take care in providing your TA with a range of typical values for your data. You will get to know this from your literature review


The requirements for the paper are included in the screenshot below.

Topic: How caffeine affects human body/ performance

– needs hypothesis, independent & dependent variables… etc..

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