Help desk software strategy

You are an IT-Support technician for a governmental agency within the state of Michigan. Your office is located within the state capital of Lansing however, you and your team support all counties within the state. There is at least one local office located within each county. There are about 5,000 employees spread across the state of Michigan who require some type of remote IT-Support. There are designated IT liaisons within each county-office, however, their IT skills are limited. During the pandemic of 2020, all county employees were required to work from home. Your team’s role is to identify how your help-desk environment plans on supporting all of your end-users as they work from home.

Your IT department supports over 10,000 devices, which are a combination of cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, printers, and servers across the state.

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Help desk software strategy
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Help Desk is an essential part of the IT department. You must be able to quickly track and respond to IT related incidents so your end users can continue with their daily tasks. Since your state agency is dispersed across the state of Michigan, you are tasked to devise a plan to implement a help desk software solution that will support your entire organization effectively. Develop this paper as if you were submitting it to your CIO for budget approval.



Select a help desk software that can be used dynamically across the state. Consider cloud-based technology. Do you plan on purchasing a 3rd party product or making your own in-house software?

What will the cost be associated with your help desk software? Describe the details of those costs. Other than reporting IT incidents, what other tools do you expect your help desk software to accomplish and what if any are the additional costs involved?

Devise a workflow for different types of prioritized help desk incidents.

Chapter seven in the book discusses using the Erlang calculation to determine your help desk resources. Talk about how many help desk agents you will need and the hours they will be needed. Remember you work for a hospital system.

What training opportunities will you give to your end-users as well as your IT support technicians to learn how to use the new help desk technology?

Place the costs of your help desk software in one invoice with subtotals and grand totals. Make sure this invoice is easy for management to read.

Paper should be: double-spaced, grammatically correct with one-inch margins. No Spelling errors, 12-point font, page numbers, title page, reference page, in-text citations, 2 sources minimum, 3.5 pages minimum.

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