Community Health Center of Cape Cod

Choose a Not-for-Profit Entity Community Health Center of Cape Cod


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Community Health Center of Cape Cod
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Select a not-for-profit healthcare entity and obtain the financial statements for the entity. (CAPE COD

All non-profits of a reasonable size are required to submit their audited financial statements to the Attorney General’s office of their state. Also, many entities post their financial statements on their website under About Us or Community Benefits.

Watch the following video for helpful tips on locating not-for-profit financial statements for Massachusetts.


Options for choosing a not-for-profit entity:

First, you may choose one of the entities listed in this activity. To avoid redundancy in topics, each choice listed can be used by only one student. After a choice is selected, it disappears from the list.
Second, you can choose an entity from within your own area/region or another entity within Massachusetts. Following is a list of Massachusetts charities if you would like to use it.


Massachusetts Charity Entity List

Your selection: Community Health Center of Cape Cod



Finding Financial Statements (6:02 minutes)

Finding Financial Statements – Final Project

This will show you how to select or how to find an entity that you’ve selected to do your final project on. So from Google or from a browser, if you put in mass division of public charities and if you go to annual filings and scroll down here to Public Charities Annual Filings, this is where you can find– put in the name of the entity and find financial statement. The other way to do it is just to type in

So as you can see here, I’m using Chrome, and Chrome is not very friendly on this site. So I would suggest you use Internet Explorer.

So here, you’re going to enter in the name of the organization you wish to look up. So if you type in one– like here, if I type in Children’s Hospital, you’re going to get a whole lot. So here, Children’s Hospital Corporation. I’m going to select.

And you’re going to select PC Annual Report. And actually, I’m not sure that that’s what I want to do. I’m going to go to 2015 because that is– I think you want this one, PC Financial State Audit.

So you’re going to probably have to use 2015 because 2016 isn’t out. I prefer you not use any year older than that. So here, we’re going to do view.

It may not have been the best to choose because it’s a large file. And if you get a message from them saying it cannot open a file TIF, you may need to download a special app, which if you google, it will give you directions on how to do that.

So here, you can see. Here is the financial statement. And this is what you want to use.

So this is here– it’s telling me– I think this is 65 pages. So if you get a financial statement that’s 65 pages, I would suggest that you think about using a different entity. I would say 30 pages, 32 should be really the most that you want to use because you’re going to need to read through this statement and look through the notes and so forth.

So you find the statement that you want, and you want to then print that out. So you can do it whatever way your computer shows you how to do it. So I will kind of go back and show you another one that maybe is a little bit smaller.

And here we can go here. And let me do a new search. So let’s say I wanted to– wait for it to go back to the prior screen. We’ll help it along. Perform a new search. Nope.

OK. So here, if I wanted to do South End Neighborhood Health Center, right? And here’s all your choices. If you don’t spell your entity correct, it’s not going to come up. So you may want to try putting in a few things first.

And then if you have all of them like this, then you can go in and add to it. So South End Community Health. So here it comes up much easier. But if I do it wrong, it won’t.

So here, again, you want to go into the state and audit. And if you hit download and open– OK, here is a better view because I can control the size of the paper here.

OK. So here, you can see. And what you may need to do is use your down button. Here’s the report. Here’s their financial statement and so forth.

So here, you can probably save this file– or email. So you could print. You should be able to save it somehow. So you may want to email it to yourself or something like that and save it.

And for class next week, I would like you to print it out and have it available for reference. And if you can also email me the name of the entity you’re going to use because I want everybody to have a different entity. OK. Any questions, send me an email. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you next Thursday.




For this assignment, complete Part 1 and Part 2 of your final assignment. Please complete the following:

Step 1: Complete the Financial Statement Final Part 1 (Word) document for the not-for-profit entity you have chosen. After you have completed Part 1, please submit to this assignment.

Step 2: For Part 2, create a PowerPoint presentation about the not-for-profit entity that you have selected following the example for Concord Hospital. After you have completed your PowerPoint presentation for Part 2, please submit to this assignment.

Step 3: Using your PowerPoint presentation for Part 2, prepare a recorded presentation with a voiceover for your not-for-profit entity. After you have completed your recorded presentation for Part 2, please submit to this assignment. Here are some instructions for the recorded presentation:

Using the analysis, tell the story of the entity’s financial health. Refer to the example of Concord Hospital in Week 7 to complete this. Based on the entity’s financial health, provide your opinion of the entity’s strengths and weaknesses as if you were the CFO, a loan officer, and a member of the community.
The length of the presentation should be between 7–10 minutes.
Follow the instructions to Create an Unlisted YouTube Video and to submit your video to this page. You may use Zoom to record your presentation or a personal preference.

Step 4: Please also submit your recorded presentation YouTube link

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