CIS225 – Project Phase 5

Please strictly follow the instruction on the Required deliverables for your final project:

CIS225 – Project Phase 5

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CIS225 – Project Phase 5
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Congratulations, you have set up your new cable network in a rural area that will be serving a small neighborhood. Your network currently consist of 6 houses but is expected to grow to include all of the 500 houses in the area. The only other network alternative to your system is satellite networking which is very slow and prone to outages. You will be providing both cable TV and internet access through your network so make sure you are providing enough speed in your network for your customers.

Final Project delivery


You have completed all of the steps for your project. Now you must decide how your project will be delivered to the 500 homes in your area. Write up your findings and your recommended network along with the pricing you will use for customers attaching to your network. Split the cost up between customers so that you can have a reasonable rate of return without charging excessive rates for your services. Write a paper in APA style and turn it in for your final project document.


Required deliverables for your final project:


· A 2-3 page paper in APA style covering your findings and recommendations. Items to consider include cost, equipment and delivery of service. Make sure you conduct research and include your source(s).

· Include and label screenshots/images/tables/graphs in your paper- you can take and use screenshots of portions of Packet Tracer that you used in the first four phases of the project. Be creative here and use these screenshots/images/tables/graphs to help improve your overall paper.

· When conducting research, make sure you research and include “real world” equipment in your paper. Items to research and consider include cabling, customer premises equipment (CPE) and equipment owned and managed by the Internet service provider (ISP).

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